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Tandoor has been a top restaurant for Indian food in Ho Chi Minh City and the preferred destination of Indian expats in the city for almost two decades. This is not least because Tandoor offers quality Indian cuisine that is as authentic as you can get in Vietnam. Located on Ngo Duc Ke street in Saigon’s bustling District 1, its proximity from the city’s glamorous Nguyen Hue walking street makes it an excellent venue for tourists and business travellers, as well as locals who are craving delicious curries, flatbreads and other traditional Indian cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City.

South Asian traditions and tastes come together as one harmonious entity at Tandoor Saigon. Here, you’re bound to find something suitable for everyone. From mouth-watering curries to fragrant naan bread to intricate Indian desserts - the secret of Tandoor lies in its adherence to fresh ingredients and, most importantly, quality spices. In fact, most spices such as cumin, coriander powder and garam masala that are used at Tandoor Saigon are imported directly from India.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

A History of Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Saigon from Bengal

Mr. Subhash, Tandoor’s founder and owner, was determined to bring authentic Indian cuisine to Saigon in July 1997. Thus, he decided to open Tandoor on Vo Van Tan street along Ho Chi Minh City’s historical Ben Nghe channel - one of the most vital waterways for trading during Saigon’s early history. Spices and exotic ingredients from all parts of Asia arrived at the docks daily at an antiquated pier close to Tandoor’s original location. Time flies and Tandoor has now moved to a different location to provide fantastic Indian food in the heart of Saigon.

The diversity of the menu has also grew with time, as this distinguished restaurant now has a total of five Indian chefs specialising in different dishes and regions of Indian cuisine. Chef Khan from Orissa, a beautiful Indian state along the straits of Bengal, leads the team at Tandoor.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Regional Indian Classics in Saigon Make for a Diverse and Delicious Menu

The plethora of different regional styles featured in Indian cuisine is not child’s play, yet Tandoor’s seasoned team of chefs are masters across so many of them. North Indian classics found here, such as the Chicken Butter Masala and Palak Paneer, or the Indian-style cottage cheese cooked in spinach puree, are favourites amongst guests. South Indian Dosa pancakes, Idli rice cakes, deep fried Medhu Vada lentil and fermented rice fritters are a match made in heaven with coconut chutney and masala tea.

You’ll also find other exotic regional Indian specials at Tandoor Saigon, such as Bengali fish curries and peculiar Indian-Chinese style delights like Gobi Manchurian, which presents cauliflower in the most delicious way possible: deep-fried and then sauteed Chinese-style with both Indian spices and Chinese condiments. For richer flavours, Tandoor’s Kashmiri classic, Rogan Josh, or braised lamb curry, is a hit. Rice is also prepared with great skill at Tandoor; the Jeera rice, made with cumin seeds, served here is a perfect complement to some of the best Indian curries in Saigon.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

From Vegetarian and Vegan to Halal, All Dietary Needs are Met in Tandoor Saigon’s Indian Cuisine

An important aspect that Tandoor pays attention to is the care and respect for different cultures, religions and the dietary restrictions that may accompany them. This is exceptionally important for business travellers and locally based diners alike who are looking for a top Indian restaurant in Saigon.

First and foremost, everything on Tandoor’s menu is Halal. This also means meat items such as lamb and chicken are sourced from reputable Halal food providers. With an exciting menu of over 100 items, Tandoor offers the widest range of gourmet Halal food in Ho Chi Minh City to discerning Muslim travellers and residents. All chicken and lamb used in Tandoor is sourced from Halal butchers.

Another lesser known Indian religion, Jainism, prescribes the avoidance of harming living organisms, including much of plant and even bacterial life. The harvesting of roots and tubers such as potatoes is forbidden, because it is seen as the complete termination of a plant’s life. The population of Jain expats in Saigon may not be large but Tandoor is nonetheless committed to providing to their nutritional and dietary needs.

Needless to say, vegans and vegetarians in Saigon will also find themselves at home at Tandoor. Many Indian curries at Tandoor are made with coconut milk. If you are a strict Vegan, a good selection of dishes such as crispy fritters and most vegetables curries are not prepared with clarified butter. Feel free to ask Tandoor’s friendly English-speaking staff for great recommendations.

At Tandoor, guests of all cultural and religious origins can dine at the same table in a comfortable setting.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

An Indian Restaurant in Saigon with a Welcoming Atmosphere and Friendly Service

Tandoor Saigon’s interior is also a testimony to the presentation of authentic Indian culture, not just through culinary prowess, but also in terms of sight and sound. The atmosphere at Tandoor is suitable for all occasions with classic Indian murals accented by hardwood furniture. An excellent choice whether you’re looking for a venue for hosting a business lunch, wedding or birthday in Ho Chi Minh City.

The service team at Tandoor Saigon has also been acknowledged by regular guests to be one of the finest in the city. Professional, polite and understanding, they are able to provide excellent recommendations for visitors of all origins in several languages.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Special Occasions and Catering with Excellent Indian Food in Ho Chi Minh City

Festivals are a vital part of Indian culture and Tandoor is no stranger to providing feasts for large, hungry crowds. Tandoor regularly sponsors and provides food for major Indian celebrations in Saigon, with Diwali being the most important and glamorous of all for Indian expats in Vietnam.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Rest assured, however, that no occasion is deemed too small. With a minimum order of just VND150,000 for deliveries of Indian food to various Saigon districts, Tandoor might just be the perfect choice for your next birthday celebration, whether you’re dining out or at home. Nothing beats a pot of curry and a hill of naan when large parties are taking place.

If you’re looking for one of the best Indian restaurants in Saigon, with diverse and traditional Indian cuisine, a welcoming atmosphere and excellent service, look no further than Tandoor Saigon.

At Tandoor Saigon, you’ll find some of the best Indian and halal food in Ho Chi Minh City. Three of Tandoor’s chefs are Indian Muslims who are highly experienced in Halal culinary techniques and they source the best halal meats and ingredients from the most reputable halal food distributors here in Saigon.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Indian gastronomy is heavily influenced by Islamic culinary traditions, thanks to a colourful history of Muslim emperors and kings. The Taj Mahal, one of the most iconic structures in India, was a mausoleum commissioned for emperor Shah Jahan for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan was the fifth emperor of the Islamic Mughal lineage, descended from what is now modern-day Uzbekistan. This complex lineage is also connected to Mongolian and Turkic kings; there is no wonder as to why Indian gastronomy is so flavourful and boundless!

Enough history, here is a comprehensive list of the best classic, South Asian Halal dishes you’ll be able to savour at Tandoor Saigon.

Reshmi Murgh Malai

These tasty chicken kebabs originate from the Mughal Dynasty which draws huge influence from Persian Cuisine. If you like Tandoori-style chicken, you’re going to adore these! Chicken fillets are first marinated in cheese, cream and lime juice and various spices such as green chillies, coriander leaves and black pepper, then grilled at high heat. These irresistible grilled skewers are best enjoyed with Tandoor Saigon’s authentic Naan flatbreads and Tandoori Paratha.

Lamb Seekh Kebab

Seekh Kebab are amongst the most popular Pakistani and Punjab comfort foods. Minced lamb is blended with onions, chillies and Chef Khan’s secret blend of spices and then grilled on a skewer. The texture of Seekh Kebabs should never be too crumbly nor too soft; you’ll find that those found on Tandoor Saigon’s menu are the perfect consistency. Just like the Reshmi Murgh Malai chicken kebabs, Seekh Kebabs are also a perfect match with other classics such as Garlic Butter Naan and Chicken Butter Masala. A worthy contender for the best kebab in Ho Chi Minh City!

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Keema Naan

We’re pretty sure you’ve tried keema, and we’re very sure you’ve eaten tons of Naan. The name Keema Naan is a hundred percent self-explanatory; spicy minced lamb stuffed in raw unleavened flatbread, grilled in a scorching hot tandoor oven. Chef Khan’s flavourful lamb keema recipe is a good reason to sample this flatbread creation. What could be better than to have two of your favourite things in a perfect hybrid recipe?

Vegetable Jalfraizi

Sometimes also spelled Jalfrezi, this cooking style is yet another glorious remnant of the Mughal Dynasty. In essence, mains such as chicken or vegetables are first stir-fried with butter, ginger and garlic, then cooked with spices and a key ingredient; bell peppers. Bell peppers sweetness and a slight tang to Jalfraizi that makes the dish highly appetising. At Tandoor Saigon, this epic ‘casserole’ also includes beans, carrots, potatoes, green peas and onion.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Chicken Irani

As the name suggests, the dish is a direct result of Iranian gastronomical influence. Unlike typical kebabs, Chicken Irani is less spicy and focuses on the subtle sweetness of poultry. The secret lies in the application of cashew paste, which is used to marinate chicken thigh with other ingredients such as yoghurt, lime juice and green chillies before grilling. The fragrance and accentuated nutty sweetness of cashews after cooking is alluring and difficult to describe. Yet another rare dish that can only be found at Tandoor Saigon.

Lamb Biryani

Biryani is one of the most celebrated and recognised Halal foods in the world. Beyond India, it is readily available in places such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Middle East, thanks to its Islamic roots. The most important ingredient that makes biryani stand out from countless other rice dishes of the world is basmati rice. Long and slender and low in starch, basmati remains nutty and with a delicious bite after cooking, while exuding a floral aroma not unlike jasmine rice.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Biryani can be made using other meats, but we’ve chosen lamb biryani to represent India’s diverse culture; Hindus abstain from beef, making lamb a universally accepted choice of meat for both Hindus and Muslims.

Many recipes and variants of Biryani exist and Tandoor Saigon’s interpretation doesn’t disappoint. Generous chunks of lamb are marinated in a special masala mix featuring nineteen different spices before being sauteed with onions and mint leaves over a low flame. Once the lamb reaches the desired fragrance and texture, basmati rice is added and slow cooked. The rice soaks up all the deep flavours, while the meat remains juicy and tender.






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