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Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to buckle up and embark on a thrilling ride through the aromatic and nutritious world of Indian spices and legumes. From vibrant turmeric to bold garlic, we'll explore the magical ingredients and dishes that boost energy and brighten health.

Read on to discover turmeric, the court jester of Indian cuisine; ginger, the zesty spice that’s a secret agent for good health; garlic, the bold flavour booster that keeps your heart strong; and more! When you’re ready to dive into the nutritious world of Indian cuisine, check out our handy spice chart at the end of this article.

Turmeric: The Court Jester of Indian Cuisine with a Health Superpower Twist!

Indian turmeric is beneficial for health
Benefits of Indian Turmeric

Think of this spice as the court jester of Indian cuisine and delight to every meal it graces. Turmeric is a superhero in disguise, packed with impressive health benefits such as reducing joint pain, neutralizing free radicals, and even sharpening brain function. Sprinkle it on your favorite dishes, and watch your health soar to new heights!

"Ginger: The Zesty Spice That's a Secret Agent for Good Health!"

ginger boosts immune system
Ginger Boosts Immune System

Ginger is like the life of the party, always spicing things up with its zesty flavor. It's a spice and a secret agent for good health, helping to decrease inflammation, combat nausea, and even improve digestion. Ginger is also a powerhouse of antioxidants and is known to boost your immune system. So, the next time you're feeling under the weather, get some ginger and let the fun begin!

Garlic: The Bold and Daring Flavor Booster That Keeps Your Heart Strong!

garlic fights cancer and strengthens immune system
Garlic Strengthens Immune System

Garlic is a bold and daring flavor booster that can be used in almost every dish. It’s also the superhero that keeps your heart healthy and strong. Loaded with antioxidants, enhancing your immune system, and even fighting cancer, garlic is a true health hero. And let's not forget its anti-inflammatory properties, making garlic the perfect ingredient to add to your dishes for taste and health.

Lentils: The Ultimate Food for a Healthy Heart and Waistline!

lentils are high in fibre and protein
Lentils are High in Fibre and Protein

Lentils are not only good for you but also good for your waistline. These little legumes are high in fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients as well as being low in fat, making them the ultimate food for promoting heart health, digestion, and weight management. And the best part? They're so delicious you may forget that you're eating something healthy!

Chickpeas: The King of Beans, Powering Your Health with Every Bite!

chickpeas keep your hearty healthy

These little powerhouses are the perfect food for promoting heart health, improved digestion, and weight management. They're like the Swiss army knife of food, able to do so many things and do them well. And let's not forget their irresistible taste, making it possible for you to eat your way to better health without sacrificing flavor.

Cumin: The Bold Aroma That Elevates Indian Cuisine and Boosts Your Health!

cumin helps in digestion
Cumin Helps in Digestion

This warm and earthy spice may have a small stature, but it packs a big punch of flavor and health benefits. For centuries, cumin has been used as a digestive aid, helping to stimulate digestive enzyme production and reduce symptoms of indigestion and bloating. But that's not all – cumin is also a source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and may help regulate blood sugar levels. With all these perks, it's no wonder cumin is a staple in Indian cuisine!

Coriander: The Fresh and Fragrant Flavor Enhancer That Supports Your Well-Being!

coriander is a good source of antioxidants that helps to protect against damage from harmful free radicals.
Good Source of Antioxidants

Don't let its small size fool you, coriander packs a distinct flavor and a host of health benefits. As a good source of antioxidants, coriander helps protect against damage from harmful free radicals, while its anti-inflammatory compounds may reduce pain and swelling. Coriander improves digestion and helps regulate blood sugar levels while providing a burst of flavor to your meals. And just like lentils, coriander proves that healthy can also be delicious.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a culinary adventure that's both delicious and nutritious, then look no further than Indian cuisine. From lively turmeric to bold garlic, versatile lentils to zesty ginger, Indian spices and legumes provide impressive health benefits and flavor.

And what better place to experience this vibrant cuisine than at Tandoor Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City? With a menu that features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, including halal and vegan options, you're sure to find a dish that tantalizes your taste buds.

And with four Indian chefs who have been serving authentic dishes since 1997, you can be confident that your meal will be both authentic and delicious. So why wait? Head to Tandoor’stwo Restaurants in District 1, and treat your taste buds to the magic of Indian spices and legumes!

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As early as 3,500 years ago, Hindu culture began to encourage the abstinence of eating meat. Although strict rules were not implemented, the sages encouraged the masses to consume vegetarian food for great bodily and spiritual reward. As war, famine and drought became more intense in the Indian subcontinent, beef became prohibited. Incredibly useful, load bearing animals, cows became important beasts of burden and were vital for the survival of kingdoms, cultures and farming.

At Tandoor Saigon, you will find not only some of the most delicious Indian food in Saigon, but you’ll also discover dishes that are among the best vegetarian food in Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, most vegetable-based dishes at Tandoor Saigon are cooked without ghee or clarified butter, making Tandoor one of the best restaurants for vegan food in Saigon.

Here are some of the best vegetarian and vegan dishes at Tandoor Saigon.

Tarka Dal - Vegan simmered lentils

Lentils, or Dal in Hindi, are a superfood. They contain exceptionally high levels of Vitamin B, folate and manganese. Vitamin B is essential to skin and intestinal health, while also helping to protect against the occurrence of stroke. To create Tarka Dal, lentils are cooked slowly over fire with turmeric, cumin, onions and other herbs until a slightly soft consistency is achieved. The natural savouriness of the dish is a great pairing with all types of rice and curries.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Dal Makhani - Vegetarian lentil, kidney bean and cream casserole

Just like Tarka Dal, lentils are the key ingredient in this classic that hails from the Punjab region of India. ‘Makhani’ translates to buttery in English and is also flavoured using cream, which provides a boost in richness. The recipe of Dal Makhani is somewhat more complex than Tarka Dal - apart from fresh lentils and other ingredients mentioned above, Dal Makhani also calls for tomatoes and garam masala, adding great complexity of flavour. A very versatile dish, Dal Makhani can be enjoyed alone, as an accompaniment to other mains, or simply with a serving of steaming rice.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Aloo Gobi Matar - Vegan cauliflower, potato and pea casserole

Another classic dish popular in almost every country in South Asia, Aloo Gobi Matar is made up of cauliflower, potatoes and peas, cooked with turmeric powder, spices, chilli and bay leaf, to achieve a simple yet delicious vegan meal that resembles a dry vegetable curry. Cauliflower contains an important nutrient called sulforaphane, which studies have shown helps to fight aging and cancer. Even if you’re not a strict vegetarian or vegan, this is a must order dish. The perfect accompaniment to the delectable meat choices on Tandoor Saigon’s menu.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Palak Paneer and Paneer Butter Masala (Vegetarian cheese and spinach curry)

The foundations of Palak Paneer are deceptively simple - spinach and cheese. But to achieve a smooth, creamy and irresistible consistency, chefs at Tandoor Saigon take fresh spinach and saute them with onions and other spices before pureeing the mixture to a fine consistency. To finish, fresh Indian-style cottage cheese, known as Paneer, is added to the spinach-based ‘gravy’.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Diners at Tandoor Saigon may also choose to enjoy paneer in a butter masala style - essentially taking the meat out of Butter Chicken Masala and replacing it with glorious dairy. Creating quite possibly, one of the best vegetarian cheese-based dishes in all of Ho Chi Minh City.

Chapati - Vegan Whole wheat flatbread

A staple favourite among South Asians, Chapati is essentially flatbread made with wholewheat flour. The slightly chewy and elastic texture of Chapati is due primarily to the use of wheat that is high in gluten, just like how durum wheat is used to manufacture flour that gives well cooked pasta an ‘al dente’ bite. During the cooking process, a special round skillet known as a Tava is used to bake these flatbreads at a high temperature. The reason for this is that no oil is used, so insufficient and uneven heat would result in sticking and charring. Chapati is best enjoyed freshly baked and you’ll find no fresher than at Tandoor Saigon.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Malai Kofta - Vegan ‘meatballs’ served with cashew gravy

Kofta is somewhat ethnically neutral - a meatball dish with Persian origins that can be found throughout India, the Middle East, Central Asia, Turkey and Greece. At Tandoor Saigon, you’ll find an exquisite rendition that’s not to be missed. Chef Khan uses mashed potato, carrots, peas, beans, cottage cheese and cashew nut paste to make these irresistible vegan ‘meatballs’. They are crisp fried and served in a lightly spiced cashew nut gravy. Malai kofta is one of the most delicious vegan dishes in Ho Chi Minh City and another wonderful example of the fantastic Indian food at Tandoor Saigon.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant






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